Introducing Alma TED

Hair Restoration

Alma TED is a hair restoration procedure that prompts the hair to restore its normal and healthy growth patterns. Unlike common hair restoration treatments, Alma TED is unique in that it is pain-free, it does not use any needles or invasive surgical techniques. TED relies on acoustic sound waves and air pressure to drive a specially formulated medication into the dermal layer of the scalp. The system also harnesses the power of ultrasound-based energy with a unique tip engineered with Impact Delivery™. This unique approach delivers a non-invasive, non-traumatic option to correct hair loss and thinning hair concerns.

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Examples of the Results

Before & After

Introducing a revolutionary pain-free hair restoration treatment for men and women with growth or thinning concerns, which prompts hair to restore its normal and healthy growth patterns.  

How It Works

Where hair restoration is desired, the Alma TED delivers high- frequency ultrasound waves to the scalp. The ultrasound waves penetrate the skin and underlying tissues, gently stimulating blood vessels. Improving blood flow brings essential nutrients, oxygen, and growth factors, strengthening the hair follicles. The procedure may also result in new hair growth in areas experiencing thinning, and areas experiencing recession may be restored to a healthy growth pattern.


  • When Are Results Noticed

    The treatment is entirely painless, and there’s no downtime or recovery. Visible improvement is expected to be seen as early as one month after the first treatment and will continue to become more visible over the next few months.

  • What to Expect

    The procedure is quick and painless. An area is identified and a dry pass is made over the first of the sections in the desired area. Sound waves and air pressure produce gaseous bubbles that expand in the area, enabling a revolutionary serum to be absorbed. The serum is added and a second pass is made for each of the five sections.

  • What are the Preparations

    Hair is to be freshly washed, oils or conditioners are not to be used, and sufficient time is to be allowed so the hair is completely dry and product-free hair. Avoid physical activity that may cause sweating.

  • Post Care

    Following the procedure, it is recommended not to wash the treated area for 24 hours, allowing full absorption of the serum’s ingredients.