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Welcome to Undo Skincare & Wellness Center, conveniently located in Parkville, Missouri, across from the entrance to the National Golf Club. Our top priority is making you happy about how you look and feel in a warm and welcoming environment. Our highly trained professional team at Undo Skincare & Wellness Center is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality beauty aesthetic services in Kansas City's Northland.

To achieve that goal, we offer a wide range of personalized health and beauty services designed to address what matters to you – from head to toe. Whether you want to soften the frown lines on your forehead; minimize wrinkles, eliminate spots or blemishes; tighten a double chin; remove an unwanted tattoo; rejuvenate your skin; remove hair from your legs or other areas; reduce fat pockets on your abdomen, buttocks, legs, arms, or back; or boost your overall wellness, we have the professional staff to help you achieve your goal!

We look forward to helping you enhance your beauty and self-confidence. To arrange a consultation with our cosmetic injectors, laser specialists, or aesthetician, contact us at (816) 974.8636 or use our convenient online booking buttons or request form.

What People Say


From the moment I walked in the door I was warmly greeted by the receptionist. The aesthetics of the office were warm and inviting. It was like you knew instantly you were at a wonderful day spa! Kevin and his assistant made me feel comfortable right away. They listened to what I was looking for to get that youthful glow back to my face. I received an IPL treatment. I’m only a few days from this service so no results yet. I’ve had IPL before so I know it takes at least 7- 10 days to see results. It’s an easy treatment with awesome results for removing those age spots/sun damage/mild rosacea/small red veins . I was so happy with Undo that I booked my next anti-aging treatment! Thank you Undo and all of your wonderful staff!

Deb, Parkville MO

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he PiQo4 laser is the most robust pigment and tattoo removal solution available today. Its effectiveness lies in a unique combination of pico (one trillionth of a second) and nano (a billionth of a second) energies for variable pulse duration. This advanced technology allows the removal of a wide range of tattoo ink colors, as well as natural pigmentation spots.

The PiQo4 pulses high-intensity laser light removing large and small tattoo particles simultaneously by breaking up the tattoo ink into extremely small particles. Your immune system’s white blood cells fight off the ink particles and are naturally carried out of the body, resulting in a tattoo that is lighter in color or completely removed.

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